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A-Z Mental wellness Soltuions

Possitive Vibes is Psychiatrist Centre in Delhi for all kind of Psychological treatments with our psychiatrist “Dr. Sasha Raikhy”.

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Our Psychology Treatment Services

Alzheimer Treatment

Alzheimer disease is neurological disorder which affects on thinking, memory & behavior. Our dedicated team of psychiatrists specializes in treatment of this complex condition. With a compassionate & personalized approach, we offer innovative therapies, medicines & medications to manage symptoms & for progress.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can significantly impact on daily life, causing excessive worry, fear & distress. At Possitive Vibes, we understand the debilitating effects of anxiety & offer comprehensive treatment options to help individuals find relief witth our team of experienced Psychiatrists, specializes in diagnosing & treating anxiety Disorders.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder, is complex mental health condition, disrupts the delicate balance of emotions. It manifests as alternating episodes of mania, characterized by heightened energy & impulsive behavior, depression, bringing overwhelming sadness & loss of interest.

Depression Treatment

Depression is profound mental health disorder, extends far beyond temporary sadness. It casts a relentless shadow, enveloping individuals with enduring feelings of hopelessness, emptiness & a profound disinterest in previously cherished activities.

Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia is sleep disorder which plagues many, disrupts the ability to fall asleep or stay asleep consistently. Restlessness & an unrelenting racing mind become nightly companions, leading to fatigue, irritability & diminished cognitive function. Identifying underlying causes & implementing effective sleep hygiene practices are essential for restoring restful nights & revitalizing well-being.

OCD Treatment

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) entraps individuals in a cycle of intrusive thoughts and compulsions. Distressing obsessions torment, while compulsions offer momentary relief. Through understanding and evidence-based interventions, those with OCD can break free from its grip, finding renewed hope and reclaiming their lives.

Psychological Therapies

Psychological therapies, also known as Talk Therapies or psychotherapy, offers a transformative path to healing & well-being. Through skilled guidance, these therapies help to explore thoughts, emotions, behaviors, fostering self-awareness & providing effective strategies to navigate life's challenges. They empower individuals to unlock their potential & lead more fulfilling lives.

Schizophrenia Treatment

Schizophrenia, a complex mental disorder, disrupts an individual's perception of reality. It encompasses a range of symptoms, including hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking & diminished emotional expression. Comprehensive treatment, including medication & therapy, offers support for individuals with schizophrenia, helping them manage symptoms & improve their quality of life.

About Us
Depression solution treatment at Possitive vibes by Dr sasha

At Possitive Vibes clinic we make sure that we assess our patient problems and give them a transparent solution which can help them in getting a Happy and Normal Life. We make sure that all are therapies are friendly towards health of our patients and not have any side affects. We have friendly doctors to help you in every manner.

Our Features:-
Hybrid mode Counselling
You can get treatment Online & Offline with us.
Simple & Easy Process
Our treatment is very easy & simple for all.
Every Pocket Friendly
You easily can get a quality treatment in your Budget.
Verified Experts
We have team of verified & expert Doctors.
No Side Effects
There is no any side effect by our treatment.
Lifetime Solution
We give deep & life time bold solution treatment.

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