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Insomnia sleep disorder in which you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep. The condition can be short-term (acute) or can last a long time (chronic). It may also come and go. Acute insomnia lasts from 1 night to a few weeks. Insomnia is chronic when it happens at least 3 nights a week for 3 months or more.

How Insomnia Can Ruin Your Life?

Insomnia Doctor Specialist Near Me can save you from Insomnia affects your life in many ways beyond the perpetual drowsiness and inability to concentrate. Sure – you could stay focused an hour at a time with the help of a lot of caffeine, but in the long run it’s not going to work. Your physical and mental health will be hit hard, and you won’t be the only one affected. As mentioned earlier, sleep deprivation can ruin your relationships by altering your judgment and mood, and the bad decisions you make while fatigued can have far-reaching consequences. There’s no way around the issue – you need sleep. Your body needs the sleep to keep itself healthy by fighting short-term illnesses and avoiding chronic ones. Your mind needs the sleep to keep stress and anxiety at bay so that depressive disorders can be avoided, and your mood won’t be affected. Without sleep, you can’t function as well at work and not only do you become more unproductive, you also become prone to making more mistakes, some of which can be costly or dangerous. It is imperative that insomnia be fought and the solution to take depends on the causes of insomnia.

What are Symptoms Of Insomnia?

  1. Unwanted thoughts
  2. Restlessness
  3. Fatigue
  4. Trembling
  5. Repeatedly going over thoughts
  6. Palpitations
  7. Nausea
  8. Palpitations
  9. Palpitations
  10. Difficulty Falling Asleep
  11. Excessive Worry
  12. Emotional Distress